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 A lifeline to the many women drowning in the lies that depression whispers into the mind and soul

A full 10 percent of Americans (27 million) are on an antidepressant, and the numbers just keep growing. Medicine can attempt to treat the physical effects and other symptoms of depression, but it cannot begin to heal the spiritual causes and effects of depression within the soul. Freedom From Depression is a biblical plan with the mission of bringing emotional healing to the depressed-of-heart through spiritual health and wholeness.

Freedom From Depression focuses on how to become healed from depression through two principles: ownership and abandonment. Ownership comes from starting to change the things we can change, and abandonment comes from giving to God the things we cannot. Drawing on the author’s years in ministry as well as her own personal and family experiences, it encourages readers to become confident and even fearless in moving toward wholeness.
Free Shipping 12.01.2021