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Face to Face with God

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Miracles Are Happening Today!     
Jim Maxim’s gripping true story is proof that miracles do happen—and that victories are won through God’s power—no matter how many odds are against you. And the odds were stacked high against Jim…

  • Addicted to alcohol
  • Habitual user of drugs
  • Battling feelings of worthlessness
  • Oppressed by demons
  • Teetering on the edge of death after a violent accident
  • But God had wonderful plans for his life.

While Jim was unconscious in the hospital after his car accident, Jesus appeared to him and offered him love, forgiveness, and the power to overcome his many problems. Not only was he delivered from the hands of the enemy, but he also received salvation, complete healing, and great peace.                                                            

You, too, can receive God’s love, power, purpose, and joy for living, no matter what dark times you may be going through!

Free Shipping 12.01.2021